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D4.1 Communication & Stakeholders Engagement plan

This Communication and Stakeholder Engagement Plan is the first document setting out specific actions and measures that will ensure community building and practical assets key to sustaining a multi-service marketplace beyond the project’s funding lifecycle.

The Plan outlines cyberwatching.eu stakeholder groups and targeted engagement activities with a roadmap for the first 18 months of cyberwatching.eu, as foundational for future actions in two further documents (D4.3 in M18 and D4.9 in M48). The Plan shows how activities will be monitored through pre-defined KPIs. It also provides a concise report on current achievements, upcoming synergies and knowledge sharing, as well as engagement roadmaps for each stakeholder group targeted.

PDF icon D4.1 Communication & Stakeholders Engagement Plan.pdf

D3.8 From Research to Standards in Cybersecurity

This deliverable briefly summarise what has occurred up to this moment, what is currently happening and what could be possible on the standardisation and certification roadmap and potential innovations
in the future.

PDF icon D3.8_Cybersercurity-Research-to-Standards-in-Cybersecurity_v1.0_Final.pdf

D3.7 EU White Paper around legal compliance and policy statements including recommendations

This deliverable (“Deliverable”) offers recommendations to policymakers with regards to the legal compliance of stakeholders with the General Data Protection Regulation and the Directive on security of network and information systems. The progress made in the past years and the challenges remaining are presented. The challenges brought about by the deployment of new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, and Internet of Things together with recommendations will also be offered, with the aim of providing useful insights in the topics that will require attention by policy makers and Supervisory Authorities in the near future. Finally, the Deliverable provides also legal recommendations on privacy and cybersecurity to the two stakeholders of Cyberwatching.eu, small and medium enterprises, in order to enhance their legal compliance posture.

PDF icon D3.7_White_Paper_around_legal_compliance_and_policy_statements_including_recommendations_v1.0_Final.pdf

D3.6 Report on Concertation Activities

The document also provides an overview of how the Concertation Meetings became an essential platform and springboard for all WPs in the project and became an essential part of the delivery of project assets. It also provides a full summary of the final Concertation meeting which took place in June-July 2021.

PDF icon D3.6_Report-on-Concertation-Activities_v1.0_Final.pdf

D3.5 Risk and recommendations on cybersecurity services

This deliverable provides a global view of risk on cybersecurity services. In order to examine the complexity of this view, an update is, first, provided on the European Union’s privacy, data protection and cybersecurity compliance framework (Chapter 2). It is recalled that Deliverable D3.2 “European Cybersecurity Research and Privacy and Innovation Ecosystem” has already presented a whole chapter dedicated to the Risk Management Ecosystem, covering amply the cybersecurity risk management process and showcasing a number of EU-funded projects in the domain of risk management

PDF icon D3.5_Risk_and_Recommendations_on_Cybersecurity_Services_v1.0_Final.pdf

D3.4 EU Cybersecurity legal and policy aspects: preliminary recommendations and road ahead

This Deliverable offers recommendations to policy-makers with regards to the interaction between the General Data Protection Regulation and the Directive on security of network and information systems and the challenges brought about by the deployment of new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Blockchain. Moreover, it collects proposals from EU projects on areas of research and policy solutions within the scope the two main strategic elements which will shape the EU landscape in cybersecurity and privacy: Horizon Europe and Digital Europe Programme. Finally, the Deliverable provides also, legal recommendations on privacy and cybersecurity to the two stakeholders of cyberwatching.eu.

PDF icon D3.4 EU Cybersecurity legal and policy aspects_preliminary recommendations and road ahead.pdf

D3.3 White Paper on cybersecurity standard gap analysis

The focus of this deliverable is to address the issue, with a white paper, of identifying the gaps in cybersecurity standards (and hence also certification). This is done using the methodology of focussed desk research first and foremost in order to gather together and to summarize all of the key efforts that have gone before. We thereafter survey the cybersecurity research, industry, public sector and user communities in order to get inputs into identifying the perceived gaps.

PDF icon D3.3 White Paper on Cybersecurity Standard Gap Analysis.pdf

D3.2 European cybersecurity and privacy Research & Innovation Ecosystem

This document presents a view of the European cyber security and privacy research and innovation ecosystem with a view of getting input and feedback via a survey and the concertation meeting held on 26 April 2018 in Brussels.
A key component of developing this deliverable was to target research projects in the field of cyber security in the current cyber security framework. To this aim, a survey was sent out to projects in cyber security in the EU. All the projects were also invited to the First Concertation Meeting, which was held on 26 April 2018 in Brussels. Feedback from that first Concertation meeting is included in this deliverable.

PDF icon D3.2_European cybersecurity and privacy Research & Innovation Ecosystem.pdf

D3.1 Concertation Activities Plan

The Concertation meeting activities are an integral part of Work package 3 and play a key and central role in the project in terms of promoting best practices to projects on topics of legal, standards and policy. The concertation effort works hand in hand with task 3.2 entitled Policy tracking and evolution as the projects or national initiatives on cybersecurity and privacy are mapped and are invited to the concertation meetings for their visibility and to showcase any developments in this domain.

In addition, the Concertation is a key point for supporting WP2: task 2.1 and 2.2 in validating the results of mapping and forming the clusters of CS&P projects; task 2.3 engagement between projects and European CS&P. In addition, the Concertation meetings are also a key contributor to WP4 efforts to disseminate results of projects to cyberwatching.eu stakeholders.

The event will also be important in promoting WP5 results such as the benefits of the cyberwatching.eu marketplace.

PDF icon D3.1 Concertationn Activities Plan.pdf

D2.8 Recommendations report on R&I needs

This deliverable presents the results of the analysis of the Cybersecurity and Privacy European research projects and their results, including the characterisation of the projects comprised in the Project Radar, the analysis of the Market and Technology Readiness Levels (MTRL) of those projects that interacted with Cyberwatching.eu by providing their MTRL self-assessment score and the analysis of the matrix of the identified technologies and services. The objective of this quantitative and qualitative analysis is to facilitate the connection between funded projects and future funding actions, so that organisations can take advantage of previous results to build new products and services, thus optimizing European funds invested in research.

PDF icon D2.8_Recommendations_report_on_RI_needs_vFinal.pdf



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