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PRISMACLOUD Tools: A cryptographic toolbox for increasing security in cloud services. reusable toolbox encapsulating cryptographic functionality from which dependably secure cloud services can be assembled. In order to provide a tangible abstraction of the complexity involved with the construction of cryptographically secured cloud services, we introduce the fourlayer PRISMACLOUD architecture. Top down, it consists of a use cases (application) layer, a services layer, a tools layer, and a cryptographic primitives and protocols layer.


Group Signature Library (GSSLib) is a Java library (GSS library) and part of the PRISMACLOUD FLEXAUTH cryptographic tool that supports group signature schemes, a variant of signature schemes which help to enhance the privacy of the signers. In particular in group signatures a group manager can set up a group so that every member of this group can anonymously generate a signature on behalf of the group. In addition there is an opening authority which can revoke the anonymity of the users in case of misbehaviour.


Malleable Signature Library (MSSLib) is a Java library (MSS library) and part of the PRISMACLOUD FLEXAUT cryptographic tool that supports various types of malleable signature schemes for controlled modification of signed data and verifiable computations.


The topology certification tool supports the application of graph signatures to certify and prove properties of topologies. The tool is realized as an interactive protocol framework between the roles of an issuer, a prover and a verifier. The tool assumes that the topology is provided by another entity in a standard graph format. The issuer is responsible for the certification of the encoding for the topology certification framework, as well as for issuing a topology certificate to the prover.


This tool supports the delegation of processing authenticated data in a way that the result can be efficiently verified for correctness. It comprises three different components, being a data originator component, a data processing component, and a verification component. The data originator component provides the input data (and potentially some additional metadata). The data processing component is given a set of input data and a description of the processing rules, and outputs the result of the computation, as well as a proof certifying the correctness of the delegated computation.


This tool supports the authentication of arbitrary messages (or documents) by means of digital signatures with selective disclosure features. This tool has three different components, being an authentication component, a selective disclosure component, and a verification component. Given a signed message from the authentication component, the selective disclosure component can selectively disclose parts of the information of the original signed message (or document) to other receiving parties.


Archistar Storage Framework and Services (Archistar) is a new type of privacy preserving identity management service (IDMaaS) which is a service that is based on the PRISMACLOUD FLEXAUT cryptographic tool.

SUNFISH Platform

Through the platform, it is possible for existing solutions to be re-used by integrating them into the federation, resulting in better resource utilisation of Public Sector cloud infrastructures as well as faster and cheaper deployment of interoperable and scalable public services.

SecureCloud Platform

Ecosystem of cloud facilities characterized by superior security guarantees, providing protection from attacks by privileged users (e.g. the cloud provider or the system administrator) and software (e.g. the hypervisor). SecureCloud is flexible, since it can satisfy a wide range of customers-specific requirements including big data processing, secure intra-cloud communication, precise microservice scheduling and reliable data storage. SecureCloud is interoperable, in that its facilities can be seamlessly integrated with best of breed offerings from the Open Source community.

SWITCH Workbench

Workbench to support the development, deployment and runtime adaptation of time-critical applications within cloud environments. The SWITCH workbench is constructed from several different independent components, each of which is concerned with a different part of the application lifecycle and which has its own information requirements.



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