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Open Research Europe: the new open-access platform of the European Commission

Information security is an important aspect of protecting the information society from a wide variety of threats. One of the goals of the Directive on security of network and information systems (the NIS Directive) is to boost the overall level of cybersecurity in the EU by ensuring cooperation among all the Member States to support and facilitate strategic cooperation and the exchange of information among the Member States.

Open Research Europe (ORE) is the European Commission’s publishing service, providing all Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe beneficiaries and their researchers with the option of an easy, high-quality peer-reviewed venue to publish their papers open access, at no cost to them, and in full compliance with the European Commission’s open access policies.

Open Research Europe is a great step forward for EU R&I programme beneficiaries and research communities from all scientific, social science and humanities fields. The new publishing platform will enable them to fully embrace Open Science meeting their publishing needs and openly share, use and find linked publications and data. - Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner, European Commission

Through building Open Research Europe, the Commission aims to: 

  • Provide a high-quality service that meets general and discipline-specific standards of scientific publishing.
  • Reinforce its position as a funder that leads by example in operationalizing open science.
  • Encourage technology-enabled innovation in scholarly communication.
  • Support the integrity and transparency of the research process and reproducibility of research.
  • Contribute towards transparency and cost-effectiveness in scientific publishing, as well as towards the exploration of sustainable open access business models. 

ORE will publish scientific contents in six domains: Natural Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Medical and Health Sciences, Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities and the Arts. For each domain, different forms of publications will be possible, from research articles to brief reports, from data papers to essays. 

EC grantees are invited to publish original results stemming from Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe projects in ORE, while the publishing cost will be fully covered by the EC. ORE offers an open and fully transparent publishing workflow, from pre-print sharing and high-quality open peer review, enabling supporting data and materials citation for greater reproducibility and reuse. It comes at no cost to them, has a rigorous and open peer review process, and the open-access model enables everyone to access the results.

Learn more about the Data Guidelines of Open Research Europe


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