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R&I results adoption by SMEs in Europe - cyberwatching.eu tells you their stories

European transition towards digitised and greener society & economy, is, to a great extent, facilitated by the EU’s achievements in science and research. Cybersecurity is not an exception! Cyberwatching.eu is ready to show you how the latest research in cybersecurity and privacy is adopted by European SMEs.

EU’s cybersecurity research and innovation play a crucial role in developing novel cybersecurity approaches and tools which strengthen the resilience of our companies and public administrations. 

However, there are still great challenges regarding the uptake of even the most innovative solutions. Publicly funded projects are limited to the duration of a few years, which are often not enough to develop, validate and fully commercialise a new novel idea. The cyberwatching.eu has stepped in to support the projects in the cybersecurity & privacy domain.

Thanks to its cybersecurity & privacy solutions MARKETPLACE, as well as numerous wide-reaching events and webinars, cyberwatching.eu is bringing R&I results closer to its end-users. In addition, cyberwatching.eu has launched a new SME Success stories’ page where everyone can see, how innovative solutions, developed through the EU-funded projects, are adopted and used by SMEs.

What are the novel solutions used by SMEs? How are they integrated to SMEs’ daily work or even their services’ offer to customers? How do SMEs benefit from these solutions? Visit the SME Success Stories page and hear directly from them.

Do you also use R&I results from the EU projects? Share your story with us and inspire your peers! Send us an e-mail at j.bieliauskaite@digitalsme.eu.


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