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Cyberwatching.eu: Supporting cyber resilience in Europe

18 December 2020

The Cyberwatching.eu team is honoured to be ranked as number one most active and influential project, and adding visibility to mutual communication efforts by the

Trilateral Research and Ireland South East Financial Services Cluster Launch Workshops to Tackle the Challenges of Digitalisation in the Open-Finance Era

18 December 2020

Over the last three weeks, Trilateral Research, in collaboration with the Ireland South East Financial Services Cluster, hosted a series of workshops to foster collaboration and discuss user needs

SOTER: cyberSecurity Optimisation and Training for Enhanced Resilience in finance

17 December 2020

As companies increasingly rely on Internet-based applications to do business, the privacy and security risks to which they and their customers are exposed on a daily basis grows exponentially.

Blog Post: Taxonomy of Threat Landscape

01 December 2020

The Blog Post "Taxonomy of Threat Landscape" was written by CyberSANE Partner, Julio Navarro from S2 Group.

Blog Post: CyberSANE Methodology for gathering End Users requirements

01 December 2020

Through different methodologies and tools, CyberSANE project has defined the requirements of Energy, Maritime Transport and Healthcare organisations which are acting as end-users within the project

Tackling personal data and trust with SOTER

20 November 2020

We live in the era of the conscious consumer.

Cyberwatching Cyber Risk Temperature Tool: Paving way for putting in place correct risk assessment processes

11 November 2020

Cyber risk temperature tool providing a preliminary cyber risk assessment for SMEs.

Cyberwatching Project Clustering: Boosting synergies to improve the market readiness levels of projects

09 November 2020

Cyberwatching.eu project, CSA supported under Unit H1 of DG Connect, is aiming to cluster active projects with similar aims for their mutual benefit, by identifying possible opportunities for...

SMEs success stories: TELESTO

06 November 2020

TELESTO is one of the SMEs involved in the cyberwatching.eu strategy to engage with a large pan-European community of SMEs.

REactively Defending against Advanced Cybersecurity Threats

05 November 2020

Systems still suffer from vulnerabilities, despite the many active or passive defenses in place that have been developed in the last few decades.

Cyberwatching.eu October 2020 Webinar Edition

05 November 2020

FREE WEBINAR: EPES and Smart GRIDS: practical tools and methods to fight against cyber and privacy attacks, 12 November 2020, 11:00 CET

Webinar: EPES and Smart GRIDS: practical tools and methods to fight against cyber and privacy attacks

05 November 2020

SDN-microSENSE participates in the webinar: “EPES and Smart GRIDS: practical tools and methods to fight against cyber and privacy attacks“.