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IoT Day Roundtable


On occasion of the Global IoT Day, I would like to call your attention to an online roundtable discussion with the EU H2020 projects EU-IoT, IoTAC, SecureIoT and SerIoT, about the security challenges and research issues of IoT. It will take place on 9 April 2021, 12.00-13.30 (CET).

The Roundtable will begin with the introduction of the 4 H2020 research & innovation and coordination & support projects that aim to develop a secure, accountable and privacy-friendly IoT architecture.

5G vs Cable: Benefits & security risks


Thank you to all speakers & viewers who joined yesterday’s workshop on “5G vs Cable”.

Watch it again - If you missed anything or want to re-watch a session, then the whole event is now available online.

GUARD: GUArantee Reliability and trust for Digital service chains

"The GUARD concept goes beyond traditional security paradigms, still largely based on protecting a single infrastructure, by targeting trust and security mechanisms for end-to-end digital services and business chains". - Matteo Repetto - Guard's technical coordinator

Cyberwatching.eu launched the Project Clustering page, aiming to showcase the joint collaboration around topics of common interest, giving new projects the option to join existing clusters or propose a new cluster around a specific sector or technology related to cybersecurity.

Threats, Gaps and Challenges in the Era of COVID-19


COVID-19 has changed the way the world operates, the way we communicate, the mode of doing business and the functioning of governments resulting in an increased reliance over digital technologies and remote working[1]. One effect of this massive digital adoption was an increase in cyberattacks, which demonstrates the urgency and the need of a secure and reliable cyberspace. We, as member of the CONCORDIA project, have analyzed how COVID-19 is impacting the current cyberdomains studied in the project, from device/IoT to user, via network, system, data, and application domains.

SAFECARE: Creating an integrated cyber-physical security system for healthcare infrastructure

Over the course of 36 months, SAFECARE will design, test validate and demonstrate 13 innovative elements, optimising the protection of critical infrastructure under operational conditions.

Secure Real-time environmental data and garbage counting system – promoting environmental awareness in an urban context

M-Sec was launched in 2018. In its last year, the project is currently implementing pilots to test, validate and showcase the impact of the M-Sec solution. Learn more about M-Sec’s Use Case 3: “Secure and trustworthy mobile sensing platform”, to better understand how this Use Case is being implemented in the Japanese city of Fujisawa, its main achievements and challenges, and how the M-Sec solution has been a decisive factor in the improvement of people’s lives in that context.

Online workshop on "Human-Centric Cyber Hygiene in Healthcare"

On Thursday April 15, 2021 at 14:00 CEST, CUREXPANACEAProTegoASCLEPIOS, and SPHINX projects are co-organizing the online workshop "Human-Centric Cyber Hygiene in Healthcare".

#1 PECT-UP Newsletter 2021 (Pan-European Cybersecurity Start-Up Community)

This is the first issue of the quarterly PECS Newsletter in 2021. The main objectives of this Newsletter are providing the actual status on Cybersecurity competence network, funding opportunities, partnership, networking opportunities, events, and the last news and updates!


ENACT: Enabling DevOps in the realm of trustworthy smart IoT systems

In terms of cybersecurity and privacy, ENACT is controlling access of users to services delivered by IoT systems, in a situation-aware and risk-based approach, as well as controlling all data flows between services, and between connected objects and their back-end services.



The pandemic has shown the importance of international supply chains and how dependent we are. Attacks in the virtual space may have an increasing impact on supplies in our analogue world.