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Cyberwatching.eu is sharing with you its new post-webinar report from its 17th webinar on "Cybersecurity risk management: How to strengthen resilience and adapt in 2021". The webinar focussed on standardisation and certification, in particular in relation to the large European SME community with presentations from ECSO, which provided a policy setting to the webinar and key players such as SGS, and Cyberwatching.eu partners Digital SME Alliance and AON. And, shone the light on R&I research into the topic. Six R&I projects CyberSure, CUREX, GEIGER, PANACEA, RESISTO and SECONDO, presented their research in the field highlighting the risk management challenge they address, the key results and the main impacts of these results on European organisations (in particular SMEs).

EPES and Smart GRIDS: Practical Tools and Methods to Fight Against Cyber and Privacy Attacks

Through joint webinars and outreach activities, SealedGRID had the opportunity to participate with other friend projects at the “EPES and Smart GRIDS: Practical Tools and Methods to Fight Against Cyber and Privacy Attacks” on 12 November 2020.

The energy sector is one of the first three sectors that were identified during the meeting. The theme was proposed by SealedGRID, which is oriented towards digital infrastructure and government and public authorities in the energy sector.

SECONDO: Optimizing Cybersecurity Investments and Cyber Insurance

The SECONDO project will establish a new paradigm in risk management for enterprises of various sizes, with respect to the GDPR framework, while it will enable formal and verifiable methodologies for insurers that require estimating premiums. Moreover, the SECONDO project will use a private ledger, which provides secure access control on data records, to hold an inventory of assets and information regarding security and privacy risk measurable indicators of an organisation.

The Cyberwatching.eu latest version of the "European Project Radar" has been launched with significant new functionalities with a better and more-detailed birds-eye-view of the R&I landscape. Find out where your project sits in your market level readiness position and contact other partners to cooperate together.

How to better take care of our growing elderly population?

M-Sec was launched in 2018. In its last year, the project is currently implementing pilots to test, validate and showcase the impact of the M-Sec solution. Learn more about M-Sec’s Use Case 2: "Home monitoring security system for ageing people", to better understand how this Use Case is being implemented in the Spanish city of Santander, its main achievements and challenges, and how the M-Sec solution has been a decisive factor on the improvement of people’s lives in that context

ENACT Pilot testing phase for the eHealth use case has been safely launched

Oscar Zanutto and Anne Gallon - 27/01/2021

The pilot has been prepared thanks to an effective collaboration between TellU (Norway), which provides connected health equipment and services, and ISRAA as an Italian public elderly care provider based in Treviso.

The ENACT eHealth use case applied for remote follow up of Covid 19 patients

Arnor Solberg - 01/12/2020

The ENACT eHealth use case developed by Tellu supports remote patient care and follow up. The use case has already been commercialised during the project period and is now getting specific attention as it is applied for remote care and following up of patients that has tested positive on Covid 19.

Become a part of the CONCORDIA Observer Stakeholders Group!

Today we launch registrations to the CONCORDIA Observer Stakeholders Group! The CONCORDIA Observer Stakeholders Group concerns current, upcoming, and future stakeholders of the European Cybersecurity Community. As an observer, you'll receive invitations to events, workshops, or other meetings relevant to the EU cybersecurity community.

Join now at https://www.concordia-h2020.eu/observers-stakeholder-group-osg-registration/


SECONDO Has Been Selected From Cyberwatching.eu As “Project of the Week”

We are thrilled to announce that the SECONDO, has been selected from 15 until 19 February to be featured as “Project of the Week” by Cyberwatching.eu!

You can find SECONDO’s latest news and activities that are published through our official mini-site on Cyberwatching.eu here.

New SECONDO Brochure

The 1st Brochure of SECONDO is out, describing in a more open and less scientific way, the potential applications of the project !!

Take a look at it here.



The pandemic has shown the importance of international supply chains and how dependent we are. Attacks in the virtual space may have an increasing impact on supplies in our analogue world.