As a key phase in the cyberwatching.eu strategy to engage with a large pan-European community of SMEs, the Consortium collects a number of cases where SMEs have successfully used cybersecurity solutions also through cyberwatching.eu in an SME to SME situation, where an SME provider has served an SME end user.


Cybernetica (www.cyber.ee) helps companies and governments build and launch mission-critical services. We develop and use cryptographic cybersecurity and privacy technologies to build services that would otherwise be considered too risky.

What results from the EU project(s) is your company using to further develop/build your own solutions/services?

Cybernetica has developed the Sharemind secure computing product family based on homomorphic cryptography, secret sharing, secure multiparty computation and trusted execution environment technologies. Sharemind provides the capability of computing on encrypted data, including for statistics and machine learning. We have deployed Sharemind for companies and governments. During the development of Sharemind, we engaged in several EU projects to help build the development tools, privacy-preserving algorithms and run pilots with customers and end users in cloud environments.

Which EU project has produced these results?

Cybernetica has developed these capabilities in AEOLUS, UaESMC, PRACTICE, SUNFISH, SafeCloud, BigDecisions, BiggerDecisions, DataBio projects.

How did you find out about these results (e.g. you participated in Open Calls, as a piloting partner, etc.)?

Cybernetica has participated in EU projects to build an in-house innovation pipeline since FP5. We have been technology developers, integrators and coordinators, working on the business development side. Thus, we’ve been closely engaged in these projects and their development. This allowed us to guide the development to our business goals.

What are the benefits for your company? Why did you decide to use the results from this EU project?

EU projects have supported Cybernetica’s own investments into developing the world’s most complex programmable secure multi-party computation engine. The applications built using these technologies have gained attention internationally and are supporting our business development.

If you want to feature your SME success stories, contact info@cyberwatching.eu.


The pandemic has shown the importance of international supply chains and how dependent we are. Attacks in the virtual space may have an increasing impact on supplies in our analogue world.